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Do you think that this was meant to be?
20th-Dec-2010 08:21 am - we're NAKAMA, aren't we?
[sora] man dont scare me like that

s e m i . f r i e n d s (only)

Comment here if you'd like to be added. But first! Let's get a few things settled? :)

  • Add if we have similar fandoms (One Piece, Naruto, DNAngel, etc.)
  • Add if you don't mind wangst at times.
  • Add if I've ever met you face-to-face! Like at a con, or school, or something. XD
  • Add if we've roleplay'd together ♥ Roleplay friends are awesome~
  • Add if you like my icons? Ngff. I don't know XD!

  • Do NOT add just to increase your friends number. Relationships are a two way street, yea?
  • Do NOT make fun of my friends. I will seriously get mad. D:

    Nrgh. I can't think of anything else, but I don't really mind random people adding. My journal's pretty much NOT friends only, but I'd like to know if you've added me instead of checking. :) Lazy and all that~

    See ya~!
  • 10th-Jul-2007 12:12 pm - Hurr.
    [h. sakura] waiting by my bedside
    Hay guys. Uh. I totally failed at this journal and hiatuses are plenty here. I'll explain everything ricekrispi when I get it all set up. To those that still want to be friends with me feel free to. I just feel like I needed a fresh start.

    13th-May-2007 08:46 am - GET!
    [luffy] screamin' at the top of my lungs
    3 . 0 G E T!!
    To be precise...3.0196! Juuust made it! Woo!

    So! To celebrate! Voice post time. So EAT MEME! Stolen from held!

    Karaoke Voice Post Meme: Leave a comment with a song (preferably one that I know) of any language that you want to hear me sing. I will sing snippets from the first 10 songs named in a voice post. If you are not sure whether I know the song or not, attach an MP3.

    ~! So basically take fandom songs or songs you've seen on the 'music' portion of my posts? I can't promise it'll be SUPER but I'll do my best!

    01 : `Swing Swing` - The All-American Rejects : tokyonoir

    & time to welcome...liizziioo & tokyonoir from a DN Angel friending meme! Glad to have you guys onboard!

    Now time to do that sendoff app~
    11th-May-2007 09:40 pm - Ahh~
    [koizumi] can't hold it in!
    I started watching Lovely Complex & it's is so adorable! I recognized Koizumi's seiyuu lickity-split! I think it was from all the yelling she does & how I remember that it's right about the exact way Nami yells at Luffy. This is all thanks to overshine's post from yesterday, I think. I was looking through Crunchy Roll and found all five episodes on there. Can't wait for the rest!

    I've just been lounging a whole two days & it already feels like a week of summer vacation when it's really not. Oh, time, why must you hurt me so? D: Either way, I think I'll finally get off my butt tomorrow and go grabs those apps at those that bread/sandwich store & the pizzeria. I'll pick when I actually know what's going on with what. I'm leaning towards the pizza place though. Who knows how that bread'll come out after I make it. :x But I feel totally driven! Might be the new haircut I got today that's helping my spirits.

    Also! Big thank you to those who thought of me here.

    & please give a warm welcome to ephemeralize & wardrum! Glad to have you guys here. Sorry if I've scared you or anything. I'm not usually so lively. :3
    8th-May-2007 09:53 am - !!!
    [jd] im such a dork

    Just a final art critique today which will probably end up being a party with snacks and yummies and stuffs. x3! But then afterward, um, holy crap. SUMMER STARTS FOR ME. :D I've been waiting for this ever since January slapped me in the face! Awesome.

    So, off from hiatus and such, at least here. ♥ Lookin' to RP in some places probably within the next days. & remind me never again to leave a community without thinking of hiatusing first. Guh.

    ...It's bad that I want to be roleplay this dork JD somewheres right?

    Aaahh. I hate it when old muses disappear somewhere in the depths of your brain at the most randomest times with others just popping up like your brain's for rent or something. Ah well, I'll live through the mind-rape somehow.
    5th-May-2007 07:58 am - Ngh.
    [stock] what it means to be studious
    Hiatus again. Short one, hopefully. Three finals this week & so not loving it. Plus deciding whether to take a job at the hospital vs. a job at a bakery before I head to the Philippines for vacation in July. Ugh.
    14th-Apr-2007 10:11 am - trip, a go go!
    [syaoran] never insignificant
    Spent most of yesterday at the Bodies Exhibit in NYC. Cadavers everywhichwhere! Our professor works there as one of the white lab coat people so she said we'd get extra credit if we went, so we gathered up a posse of 15 and headed out!

    It was really cool, but I'll admit I was kinda scary at first since my imagination runs with my head. Plus, one of my friends who went last week told me he felt like a ghost was there so that kinda played with my head.

    But it really wasn't that bad. Our professor was there as all 15 of us were standing around obstructing everyone else's view to one model. x) It got pretty boring at the end since we were all pretty hungry, but seeing the pregnant cadaver was pretty amazing. I was just in awe. Just don't buy the souvenirs there. I bought something for my little sister and it broke just like that. D: Waah, a wasted $15.

    Anyway, 11 class days before finals week starts! ♥ Gotta get a head start on studying either today or tomorrow!
    9th-Apr-2007 08:39 pm - i've got sunshine in a bag.
    [daisuke] 1000-watt smile
    A day where you're treated to ice cream & pizza in the best company ever is definitely an awesome day.♥ Granted the time spent could've been longer, but my school career is definitely not over by a long shot. First year is almost down!

    And that exam I studied for? If it's my lowest, it'll be dropped, but if it's higher than my lowest exam score, then it'll bring my average up! So whatever I got today, it won't count against me! On top of that I got an A- on my third English paper.

    For a Monday, it wasn't half bad. I approve! ♥
    8th-Apr-2007 05:14 pm - so the story goes.
    [luffy & chopper] OMGOSH LOVE! ♥
    Okay, so here's the story. My sister and her friend switched our PS2 for their Gamecube. We gave them a couple of our games and he gave her in exchange. ...Yes there is a point to this. The point being that Tales of Symphonia is utter and complete .

    If it wasn't for an exam tomorrow I would so totally be playing with my sister right now. WRY SCHOOL. WRY?! alskdjalsdj Stupid urinary system getting in the way of me and the regeneration of the world.

    Aside from that, though. I've been rewatching Cardcaptor Sakura. I completely forgot how adorably cute that show was. Syaoran was and will always be one of my favorite characters. :D

    ...okay. Back to that Anatomy stuff. Must stop this insanity of procrastination! Gotta get that 3.0!
    6th-Apr-2007 09:23 pm - why, fridays. why.
    [tamaki] . . . why me?
    Have you ever said good-bye to someone while you're on a train and they aren't?

    Those automatic doors, man. They really kill me sometimes. It's just like you're in the middle of saying your good-byes and all and then WHAM! The doors close in front of your face. They're on the other side waving and I'm just there trying not to cry like an idiot. D:

    But nevermind that! Summer vacation in exactly one more month! ♥ I wish it'd hurry it's little bottom along WITHOUT the dreaded fear of finals. I can do without those, thanks.

    Gintama, Reborn!, and D.Gray-man are on my to-watch list when I get back. And has anyone heard of/watched 5cm per second: Okashou yet? And would anyone happen to know where I can find the second part dubbed? :D
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